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                About KFLOW > Company introduction

                KFLOW Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

                KFLOW Environmental Co., Ltd, was founded in 1997 and was jointly invested by the United States and Taiwan. It is a high-tech enterprise integratng R&D, design, manufacturing and sales. We are committed to the research, development, manufacturing and sales of household, commercial and other environmental-friendly water purification products. We stand by our motto: innovation is our soul, and high-quality is our core of life.

                KFLOW's water purificayion products have achieved outstanding performance in global markets: they have been being sold to Germany, Britain, France, Spain, the United States, Australia, Argentina, Israel, India, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Kuwait, Vietnam and dozens of other countries and regions. KFLOW has created a great number of loyal customers, and is the first choice of complete machine and parts supplier for high-end water treatment equipment companies in European and the United States.

                The RO reverse osmosis water purifiers launched by KFLOW adopts industry-leading material selection standards, and all wading parts adopt US FDA/NSF food grade safety materials, capable of effectively removing residual chlorine (bleaching powder), rust, heavy metals, benzene, pesticide residues, antibiotics, and other water pollutants, providing safer drinking water to ensure that your family stays away from the threat of disease caused by water pollution. Choose healthy drinking water, choose KFLOW.